Suggested Transfer Curricula Guide For Selected Disciplines/Fields of Study

The following pages contain the suggested or recommended courses for students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. The suggested transfer guides meet the Core Curriculum and degree requirements for the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees at Vernon College. The forty-two (42) semester credit hours which comprise the Vernon College Core Curriculum will transfer as a block to any other Texas public institution of higher education and will be substituted for the forty-two (42) semester credit hour Core Curriculum at the receiving institution. Students who are “core complete” may not be required to take additional core curriculum courses at the receiving institution.

Due to the differences which exist among 4-year institutions with respect to degree requirements beyond the Core Curriculum, students are strongly encouraged to consult the specific 4-year degree requirements for their anticipated or chosen major at the 4-year institution to which they plan to transfer. Students should also consult with an academic advisor prior to selecting courses to fulfill their electives and degree requirements beyond the Core Curriculum. While all courses listed in the Suggested Transfer Guides will transfer to all Texas public institutions of higher education, failure to reference the specific degree requirements of the selected major at the college or university of choice may result in the student taking courses beyond the Core Curriculum which are not applicable to their 4-year degree and which may delay completion of the 4-year degree.

Students should carefully evaluate the eighteen (18) semester credit hours of degree requirements and electives beyond the core which are required for the AA and AS degrees at Vernon College in order to ensure that the credits will be applicable to their chosen major at their transfer institution.

  • For the sixty (60) hour AA degree, these include fourteen (14) hours of degree requirements [COSC 1301, eight (8) hours of Foreign Language, and a second course from the Language, Philosophy, and Culture component area] and four (4) hours of electives.
  • For the sixty (60) hour AS degree, these include nine (9) hours of degree requirements (COSC 1301, a second Mathematics course, and a second course from the Language, Philosophy, and Culture component area) and nine (9) hours of electives.

While the Suggested Transfer Guides presented on the following pages reflect courses which most often apply to majors or fields of study at most 4- year colleges and universities, differences do exist. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all courses taken are applicable to their chosen major and will fulfill their degree and/or university requirements.