Emergency Medical Services

Certificate of Completion

Emergency Medical Services provide a vital link between the patient and the emergency room.  These personnel become the “eyes and ears” for the physician, rapidly assessing and administering appropriate care and maintaining communications with the emergency facility. The EMT courses provide a basic medical background in pre-hospital emergency medicine. The Advanced EMT courses provide advanced skills that build on the EMT courses including trauma management, patient assessment and airway management. Upon successful completion of each level, the graduate will be eligible to take the National Registry EMT examination.

The Emergency Medical Services field offers a vast range of opportunities in the medical profession. Emergency Medical Services are used by ambulance providers, fire-rescue, hospitals, industry, military, voluntary services, nursing homes, sport organizations, and other recreational entities. The Emergency Medical Services Program is accredited by Texas Department of State Health Services. The curriculum is designed to meet their standards. For further information, contact the Program Coordinator at 940.696.8752 ext.3233.

Program Requirements
  1. Complete the Vernon College admission procedure. A student must be first accepted by the College before being considered for the Emergency Medical Services. Admission to the college does not guarantee enrollment in the program.
  2. Provide evidence that the following immunization requirements have been met prior to enrollment in the EMS Program: tetanus/diphtheria toxoid (TD), measles (students born after January 1, 1957), rubella, mumps (students born after January 1, 1957), Tuberculosis test (TB), Varicella, and Hepatitis B (three shots). Bacterial Meningitis vaccination is also required for students younger than 22 years of age. (Read the vaccine requirement and exemptions on the VC website.)
  3. Once all the forms have been sent to the EMS Program Coordinator and the student meets the requirements for the program, an interview will be scheduled with the Program Coordinator.
  4. Information regarding program standards and policies is printed in the EMS handbook.